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   At Master Gamer, we pride ourselves on writing the most brutally honest 
reviews in existence.  We're not going to say that we like a game just to 
go along with what everyone else is saying, so if we don't like a game, 
you're going to hear about it.  Sure, we may ruffle some feathers in the 
process if lots of people are fans of a game we bash; all we ask out of 
these people is that they give our opinions a chance and read what we have 
to say.  Even if you still disagree with us on the merits of a particular 
game, odds are you're going to have to admit that we've got some pretty 
good points in there.  When you read Master Gamer's Reviews section, you 
know you're getting reviews that offer our personal opinions, not hype-
filled fluff.

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Master Gamer's Rating System
Awesome: A Game of the Year candidate that should definitely be purchased.

Good: It could be worth owning if you're a big fan of the genre, but you 
would probably be better off renting it over the weekend.

Average: These games aren't bad, but they're not good either.  Games that 
get this rating may or may not be worth renting, and they definitely aren't
worth buying.

Crappy: We have to really hate a game to give it this rating.  Most flawed 
games have some redeeming qualities that boost their rating up to Average, 
but when there are almost no positives to counter-act the negatives, the 
game deserves this rating.

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