Jet Moto 2 Review

For PlayStation

Rating: Good
  Jet Moto 2 features fast and furious one-player action, a 
two-player mode that is truly a blast, and tons more awesome
jumps than the original, but I still say it's not worth 
buying.  Like last year's game, there are three characters 
that are always at the top of the standings, and these 
dominating characters are different than last year's.  The 
light bikes of The Max, The Technician, and Temujin were 
tough to beat last year, but the sequel favors heavier bikes
like those ridden by Bomber, The Hun, and Steele.  It gets 
boring quickly that the same three characters are always 
dominating every race.  The two-player mode is great, 
although the traditional horizontal split screen doesn't cut
it because you can't see far enough ahead of you to race 
well. I just switched to the vertical split screen and that 
worked much better.  The music in Jet Moto 2 is cool, but 
not nearly as the cool as the awesome music in the original,
which is strangely missing from the sequel.  The gameplay 
itself is great at first with sweet jumps and a lot more 
turbos at your disposal than in the original. This is a good
game that would be a great game if it weren't for one big 
problem: it's just too freakin' hard.  Like the original, the
first three tracks are cool, but then it just gets too hard,
even on the easiest difficulty setting.  The tracks where 
you can (and do) fall right off and plummet to your death are
particularly annoying.  Jet Moto 2 starts out extremely fun,
but it's just a pain in the butt in the end.  Rent it, but 
don't buy it.

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