Gex: Enter the Gecko Review

For PlayStation

Rating: Average
  I really had high hopes for Gex: Enter the Gecko to be a 
wonderful action/platform game, and after playing the final 
game, I can tell you that it is very disappointing. 
Graphically, it looks nice, but it's nothing that's going to
make you drop your jaw in amazement.  The sound is one of 
the game's biggest weaknesses.  The music has no catchiness, 
and the voice-overs are more annoying than they are humorous.
The biggest problem I have with the game is that it just 
seems so bland and boring after a while.  The environments 
are big and 3D, but they just aren't that exciting.  There 
aren't that many enemies, and what enemies are there require
nothing more than mindless tail bashing to kill.  Some 
variety is offered by the funny little bonus levels like the 
one where you're in a rabbit suit running from an Elmer Fudd
look-alike, but even the bonus levels can't stop the game 
from growing repetitive after a while.  One really annoying 
thing is the extremely jerky camera.  Even on the automatic 
setting that is supposed to stay directly behind Gex at all 
times, the camera spins around and often faces towards Gex 
(which prevents you from seeing where you're going).  If you
thought Super Mario 64's camera system was flawed, Gex: 
Enter the Gecko will have you throwing controllers and 
screaming curse words in no time.  Gex: Enter the Gecko may 
be worth renting, but it's definitely not worth buying.

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