Dead Or Alive Review

For PlayStation

Rating: Crappy
  From the beginning, Dead Or Alive looks like a complete Virtua Fighter 
rip-off.  It has the exact same control set-up (guard, punch, and kick), 
and the original Dead Or Alive arcade game was actually created using the 
same arcade board Sega used to create Virtua Fighter 2 (the out-dated Model
2 board).  There's even a character in the game that looks like a complete 
and total rip-off of VF2's Shun Di!  Indeed, this is the closest thing to 
Virtua Fighter that PlayStation owners will ever get, although I don't see 
why they would want Virtua Fighter in the first place since the Tekken 
series is better anyway...  
   Moving on, Dead Or Alive has a rendered intro that is put to shame by 
Tekken 2 (which is more than a year and a half old).  The graphics are good,
with solid looking polygons that have no jagged edges whatsoever, but it's 
nothing spectacular.  The sound leaves a lot to be desired, with grating 
music and un-translated Japanese voice-overs that are annoying instead of 
cool like the Street Fighter series' Japanese voice-overs.  The sound 
annoyed me enough that I had to turn it off before I had even played the 
game for ten minutes.  
   One of the most insulting features in the game is the horribly over-done
 breast bouncing, which causes the over-sized female fighters to jiggle 
like there's no tomorrow with even the slightest movement.  Thankfully, 
this can be turned off in the options menu, but it shouldn't have been put 
in the game in the first place, as it does nothing but cement the 
stereotypical role women always seem to end up playing in video games. This
kind of thing has no place in video games and does more to take away from 
the game than it does to make it more entertaining.  
   The battles themselves are way too short.  Each hit causes more damage 
than it probably should, which leads to quick, luck-based battles.  With 
little real skill involved in winning, it makes the game extremely 
frustrating when you lose and somehow unsatisfying when you win.  Also, the
battles end with the fighters just anti-climatically falling over, with 
none of the cool "stunned" effects that the final hits in Tekken 3 bring.  
PlayStation fighting fans should leave Dead Or Alive on the shelf.

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