Croc 2 Review

For PlayStation

By Contributing Writer Jimmy Payne

Rating: Crappy
   What do you get when you combine the best aspects of the greatest 3D 
platform games into one ground-breaking PlayStation game?  Whatever it is, 
it's sure as hell not Croc 2, that's for sure.
   Control in any video game in a very delicate thing, and it is 
particularly crucial in action/platform games.  Leave it to the developers 
of Croc at Argonaut to screw up even the most basic control functions.  
Jumping from platform to platform should be a very careless task, but 
instead the developers decided to make it un-necessarily difficult.  The 
jumps aren't difficult due to any legitimate gameplay challenge; they're 
difficult because of the extremely irritating camera.  At any given moment, 
the camera could get caught behind a wall or another object and totally 
obstruct your view, which usually leads to an untimely death.  This happens 
often enough to drive even the most determined gamers insane.
   The graphics in Croc 2 are a mixed bag, but more bad things appear in 
this proverbial bag than good things.  At first the graphics seem decent 
for a PlayStation game, with bright colors and very little background pop-
in.  The problem is that the graphics are almost identical to the original 
with little to no improvements made.  It makes one wonder if the developers 
have been studying the Tomb Raider series a little too closely...
   Croc 2 also causes the PlayStation to reach its all-time high (or low) 
in cuteness.  Besides the general bright and happy feeling of the whole 
game, Croc seems to find jumping up and down amusing.  If I hear Croc 
giggle when he jumps one more time, I'm going to go insane.  Why does Croc 
find it funny to be jumping over huge gaps in the earth or over lava pits?  
He could easily die and he’s laughing about it!  Is there something wrong 
with him?  The world may never know. 
   The shameless marketing of Gummi Life Savers in Croc 2 might be the only 
thing worse than Croc’s constant giggling.  If you thought it was a pain in 
the butt to collect meaningless items in other platform games, just wait 
until you’re forced to collect Gummi Life Savers.  What the heck are Gummi 
Life Savers doing in Croc’s world, anyway?  Did the makers of Life Savers 
think that they could entice me to buy Gummi Life Savers by putting them in
Croc 2?  If anything, their inclusion in Croc 2 would just make me run from 
the store screaming every time I saw a bag of Gummi Life Savers because 
they would bring back painful memories of playing this game.
   Even if you own and enjoyed the original Croc, you will probably be 
disappointed by this game anyway because it's just more of the same.  Do 
yourself a favor and stay far, far away from Croc 2.

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