Medal of Honor Review

For PlayStation

By Contributing Writer Rob Pecknold

Rating: Awesome
   A lot of weird things are happening as we approach the new millennium.  
First, we get the amazingly fun Tony Hawk's Pro Skater from Neversoft, the 
company that made the craptacular Apocalypse.  Now, after making such 
horrible games as Jurassic Park: Trespasser and Small Soldiers, Dreamworks 
Interactive has created Medal of Honor, one of the best first-person 
shooters ever released.
   I have to commend Medal of Honor's development team for making some 
great level maps.  They are fairly linear, but they end up having a great 
effect on you nonetheless.  Also, compared to the enemies in Tomorrow Never 
Dies, the enemies in Medal of Honor are Yale graduates.  They can hear you 
sneaking up on them, they will run if you've got a lot more firepower than 
they do, and they will call for back-up when necessary.  If you throw a 
grenade at a group of Nazis, one of them might even jump on it in order to 
save his comrades!  Medal of Honor has the best AI found in any PlayStation 
shooter, whether it's third-person or first-person.
   Medal of Honor has better area-specific damage than Goldeneye ever had, 
with different reactions for every single square inch of the Nazis' bodies.  
Also, you not only get to see the stats for your area-specific damage after 
each level, but you also get a ranking and sometimes an award based on your 
skills and where you hit enemies the most.
   As good as all of the missions are, the best ones are the ones in which 
you go undercover pretending to a common Nazi.  The tension in these levels 
is incredible, and chills will definitely go down your spine when your true 
identity is discovered and dozens of Nazis try to shoot you to pieces.
   Medal of Honor is a very authentic World War II experience, right down 
to the recoil of the guns that you use.  That's no surprise, though,
considering that Captain Dale Dye, the historical consultant for Saving 
Private Ryan, was hired to make Medal of Honor just as accurate as the 
movie.  He even put the developers through a mini boot camp in order to 
make them realize what real soldiers have to go through.
   Even with its awesome AI, atmosphere, and historical accuracy, the best 
part about this game is its soundtrack.  Medal of Honor's soundtrack was 
made to mimic the symphonic sounds from Saving Private Ryan, and the result 
is the best soundtrack I've ever heard in a first-person shooter.
   Considering that the rest of the game is so good, the fact that the 
graphics are only decent is a big disappointment.  The enemies are animated 
very nicely, and there isn't too much pop-up, but the graphics are very 
muddy and pixelated.  The graphics are even worse in multi-player mode 
thanks to much lower frame rates and environments that are much less 
detailed.  The multi-player mode isn't fun enough to warrant long-term play, 
but this doesn't hurt the game that much since the single-player mode 
offers such a great story and such varied missions.
   In addition to being one of the best PlayStation games of the year, 
Medal of Honor is also the best first-person shooter available on the 
system.  If you have even the slightest interest in first-person shooters,
don't hesitate to pick up Medal of Honor.

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