Command & Conquer: Red Alert Review

For PlayStation

Rating: Good
  Like the original Command & Conquer for the PlayStation, the PlayStation 
version of Red Alert is a good port of an incredible PC game.  Everything 
about the PlayStation version of what I feel is one of the greatest 
computer games of all time is just right, except for two things.  One, the 
game doesn't give you a wide enough view of the action.  Much like the DOS
version of the PC game, the "camera" is zoomed in too far, giving you a 
limited view of the action.  The second thing is that playing the game with
a console controller just doesn't feel the same as playing it with a 
computer mouse and keyboard.  For me, an owner and avid player of the PC 
game, playing the PlayStation version just made me want to play the PC 
version more.  Granted, Westwood did the best job possible given the 
different format (including a sweet two-player option through the use of 
the Link Cable), but I still prefer the PC version.  However, those who 
don't have a computer to play Red Alert on should rejoice that now they can
play it without a computer, and Red Alert is a great game no matter what 
system it's on.

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