Mission: Impossible Review

For Nintendo 64

Rating: Good
   Mission: Impossible is a pretty good game, but unfortunately it is 
nowhere near as good as originally promised and nowhere near as good as 
Goldeneye 007.  Unlike Goldeneye, Mission: Impossible is a "real" spy 
simulation.  Goldeneye was basically a first-person shooter that just 
happened to have a James Bond license and spy-based mission objectives, and
you basically went around killing things like in every other first-person 
shooter (not that I'm complaining, because when the game is that fun, who 
cares?).  In Mission: Impossible, you are often disguised as someone else 
and can't do anything that would blow your cover, so being even the 
slightest bit violent will result in an immediate Mission Failed in many 
missions.  And it's a good thing, too, since the combat in this game sucks 
so very, very much.  The control is a pain in the butt, and the third-
person camera angles are much less convenient than the simple first-person 
view found in Goldeneye.  
   Mission: Impossible is also inconsistent quite often, so much so that 
you could even call it consistently inconsistent.  Some of the missions 
rock and make you feel like you're a real spy (as corny as that sounds, 
it's true), but some of the missions suck so bad you will throw the 
controller down in disgust.  And quite frankly, the good missions aren't 
good enough to make it worth sitting through the bad ones.  Most of the 
game's levels have lots of objectives you must complete to beat the level.
The game could have benefitted from this, but instead this hinders the game
because the tiniest screw-up can and usually does result in a Mission 
Failed, and then you have to start all the way over at the beginning of the
level.  It would have been nice if the game placed you back at the site of 
your last completed mission objective when you failed instead of making you
start all the way back at the beginning of the level.  Also, this isn't a 
very long game, and once you beat it there is absolutely no motivation to 
go back and play it again.  One of Goldeneye's biggest strengths was its 
cool multi-player features, but this game doesn't have any multi-player 
features whatsoever.  The multi-player modes probably would have sucked 
anyway since the control and camera are so finicky.
    In addition, the graphics and sound leave a lot to be desired.  The 
graphics are grainy and nowhere near as polished as they should be, and the
music ranges from good to horrible.  Even the classic Mission: Impossible 
theme song is somewhat lacking (it's very clear from the moment it starts 
that it had to be toned-down technologically to fit on a cartridge).
    In conclusion, if you have already played the tar out of Goldeneye 007 
and you like spy sims, Mission: Impossible is worth a look, but it is 
definitely not worth buying.

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