Carmageddon Review

For PC

Rating: Awesome
  Carmageddon is a Twisted Metal 2-style game that places more emphasis on 
earning money in races by bashing opponents and pedestrians in order to 
upgrade your car rather than beating a series of pre-set levels as in TM2.
Carmageddon also lets you try to just race the tracks and try to win that
way, but it inevitably becomes a TM2-style free-for-all.  However, unlike 
Twisted Metal 2, you can repair your car at will, but that will cost you 
money (and you need all the money you can get to upgrade your car's engine,
defense, and offensive power). You start with the choice of only two cars 
and three environments, but the game unlocks new cars and environments as 
you advance in rank, and there are eventually thirty-some environments and 
dozens of cars available for play. Also, while TM2's emphasis was on 
special weapons, this is all about head-on collisions and who can bash who 
the most. The game also places much more of an emphasis on pedestrian 
bashing (all variety of people and even farm animals) than TM2 did.  
Pedestrians actually scream when they see you coming and try to get out of 
the way, gory deaths are the norm, and the dead bodies actually stay there,
where they can be run over again (and which point you get blood on your 
tires and you leave a streak of blood on the road).  Yes, this is a game 
that probably shouldn't be shown to any US senators, and its Mature rating 
is well-deserved. You can even win the level by killing all the pedestrians,
but this is a near-impossible task since there are hundreds of them on each
level and they manage to get out of the way more times than they should.  
  However, this is not a game without its flaws. The graphics are lacking 
at times (and are certainly nothing special, although a 3Dfx patch is now 
available and should eliminate most graphical problems), and while the 
music is kind of cool, it's nowhere near the level of coolness in TM2.  
Also, this is a game you won't want to play if any young children are 
within hearing distance, because when your car is damaged, your character 
either says "son of a b----," "god d--- mother," or "holy s---."  This 
profanity is unnesscary, and the only time it's ever used right is when you
go flying off a cliff and he says "holy sh--!"  In addition, the game is 
meant to run under DOS, and you can deny it all you want if you're a DOS 
fan, but compared to Windows 95, DOS is one big confusing pain in the butt.
Also, the game would have benefited greatly from some kind of radar to 
track enemies, because when there's only one car left and you can't find it,
the game can get a little frustrating.  
  Also, controlling your car is a pain in the butt.  You can't pull U-turns
and spins anywhere like you could in TM2, so you're forced to go in reverse
a little bit and then accelerate into the car again (but this can be 
frustrating, too, because rather than giving you a good view of the action,
the stupid camera spins around to give you a rear view, so by the time you 
go forward again and the camera spins back around, the car you were trying 
to bash may be long gone).  
  Still, all the game's flaws manage to be outweighed by the fact that this
game is just plain fun.  I bought the game having never played it before, 
so I really didn't know what I was getting myself into, but I can honestly 
say I have no regrets that I bought the game.  The head-on collisions and 
awesome crashes are truly spectactular.  It's no match for Twisted Metal 2,
but Carmageddon is the kind of game that when you're done playing, you 
might not be able to explain why you were having so much fun, all you know 
is that you want to play more.

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