Triple Play '99 Review

For PlayStation

Rating: Average
  Boy, talk about a cash-in!  Triple Play '99 is nothing 
more than a glorified re-release of last year's Triple Play 
'98, and it will no doubt leave baseball fans disappointed.
EA added a career mode, a salary cap, and updated rosters, 
but the gameplay itself was left almost completely unchanged.
Many of the problems that have been present since Triple 
Play Baseball first debuted on the Genesis rear their ugly 
head once again in Triple Play '99.  Even last year's Triple
Play '98 got really dry when these nagging problems became 
clear, so there's no excuse for EA to just re-release a game
that was screaming for a major overhaul.  The game is still 
slow, the camera is still jumpy, the fielding control still 
needs major upgrading, the base-running control is still 
horrible, the announcers still get annoying before long, 
the music still sucks, and while the polygonal graphics are 
still good, they are no longer the best on the market or 
even mildly impressive.  The season interface has also taken
a turn for the worse, with options to access particular 
statistics tucked away in some obscure menu somewhere.  
And the game takes up a whopping 14 out of 15 memory card 
slots, which (needless to say) is going to be a major 
problem for anybody who only owns one memory card.  All of 
EA's competitors have been doing their absolute best to make
the best baseball game they can possibly make, but EA has 
practically just deleted the "8" in "98" and added a 9 and 
said, "All right, it's done."  And then they wonder why 
people complain.  Leave Triple Play '99 on the shelf.

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