NHL Face Off '98 Review

For PlayStation

Rating: Average
  I enjoyed the original NHL Face Off well enough, but last 
year's game left a bitter taste in my mouth and, 
disappointingly, this year's game does the same.  All this 
game's positives do nothing to make up for the poor gameplay
that ensues when Sony tried to shove Icon Passing down 
everyone's throat.  The game basically forces you to use 
Icon Passing because it controls horribly if you don't, and
Icon Passing is a pain in the butt because you have to press
the button of the player you want to pass you (like throwing
the ball in a football game) instead of just pressing in the
direction you want to pass.  I scratched my head last year 
when Sony introduced Icon Passing, thinking "Why would they 
try to fix a problem that doesn't exist?"  They try to 
promote Icon Passing as if it were the solution to the 
long-running hockey problem of not being able to get the puck
to go where you want it to go, but this problem doesn't 
really exist outside of Sony's marketing papers and thus the
solution can't work if there is no problem.  Another big 
gripe I have with this game (just as with NHL '98) is the 
fact that scoring goals is completely based on luck.  The 
creators of this game can take their "Icon Passing" marketing 
fluff and luck-based scoring system and shove it where the 
sun don't shine.

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