Final Fantasy 7 Review

For PlayStation

Rating: Awesome
 The mother of all RPGs has finally arrived, and after 
playing the living daylights out of it for the past few 
months, it has become more clear than ever that this game 
alone makes the PlayStation worth owning.  Not only does 
Final Fantasy 7 set a new high watermark for home system 
graphics, but the creativity in the story, sophisticated 
combat, and just the general flow of the gameplay are simply
mind-blowing.  The story and all the secrets in the game will
keep you playing forever.  And the game doesn't come up short
in the depth department, either.  As if it wasn't long enough
the first time through (it is without a doubt the longest 
RPG ever), you will want to beat the game time and time 
again. This is a game you just have to have, even if don't 
even know what a role-play-game is.  If you're new to the 
RPG world, beware that this will a difficult and complicated 
game for you, and you should definitely read the entire 
instruction book and use the mini-strategy-guide in the back
it. But trust me, once you've grown accustomed to them, there
is NOTHING better than a good RPG, and calling Final Fantasy
7 a good RPG is one of the biggest understatements of all 
time.   If you're not an RPG fan now, you will be after 
playing FF7.  However, FF7 does have some small flaws.  
The battles are supposedly turn-based, but even with the 
battle speed on the "wait" setting, the enemies still seem 
to attack after a certain amount of time passes instead of 
following the true turn-based structure.  Also, the music is
very good, but it is no match for Chrono Trigger's and 
(arguably) Wild Arms's.  OK, so there could have been an 
option for true turn-based battles and the music could have
been made even better, but Final Fantasy 7 is still a worthy
investment of your gaming time and dollars if there ever was
one.  It's right up there with Chrono Trigger in the category
of all-time classic RPGs, although I'm not yet willing to say
that it's better than Chrono Trigger.  I need several dozen 
more hours of playing time before making that statement...

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