Colony Wars: Vengeance Review

For PlayStation

By Contributing Writer Jimmy Payne

Rating: Average
   The biggest question going through my mind as I popped Colony Wars: 
Vengeance into my PlayStation was whether or not it would be even better 
than its predecessor.  After playing the game extensively, the answer is 
definitely no.  The graphics are a little smoother and it's nice to see 
those cool blasters again, but other than that, I felt like I was playing 
the exact same game I played in 1997.  I would have have liked to see some 
more detailed ships- maybe ones that shot lasers out of actual guns, not 
the tips of their wings...    
   Besides the graphics, the play mechanics of the original game actually 
got worse at some point during the development of the sequel.  It was 
really fun to seek out and destroy little ships in the first game, but the 
ships seem to come right to you in Vengeance, leaving you without a sense
of adventure and with very little excitement.  I also found it disturbing 
that I could kill almost every ship the same way, and with the same weapon.
Figuring out the weaknesses of various ships is half the fun of any shooter,
and it's completely missing from Colony Wars: Vengeance. 
   Variety is mysteriously absent in this game as well.  Mission after 
mission seems like the same basic thing, even if you have different mission
objectives.  After six missions of flying toward a huge craft, firing like 
a madman, and then turning around so I could come back and do the same 
thing again, I was agitated to say the least.  Variety was one of the 
original Colony Wars' biggest advantages and it never seemed like you were 
playing the same mission twice.  I don't know why the guys at Psygnosis 
would decide to forget all about that glowing aspect of the game, but they 
clearly did.
   The music in Vengeance was surprising as well, and not in a good way.  
After enjoying the dark and surreal music in the original game, I was 
disappointed again when I found out that the music resembles that of the 
original game as much as a frog resembles a prince.  The music tries to be 
epic, but ends up being too sci-fi oriented and upbeat.       
   The dull story line in Vengeance was the last straw for me.  The 
original Colony Wars didn't have a very strong (or original) story, and 
Vengeance takes a bad, meaningless story and somehow makes it worse.  Not 
only was it absolutely pointless, but it is boring and once again drains 
the fun out of the game.   
   This is a boring adventure and a very monotonous game.  It was fun for 
a while and there aren't many other games like it for the PlayStation, but 
by no means does it deserve a place in your video game library.  If you're 
looking for an awesome space shooter, go for the original Colony Wars, 
because Colony Wars: Vengeance makes most horror movie sequels look good in

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