Twisted Metal 3 Review

For PlayStation

Rating: Average
   Vehicular combat games were new and fresh back in the days of the 
classic Twisted Metal 2, but now there are so many of them that every 
vehicular combat game really has to be unique and innovative to stand out
from the crowd.  Quite frankly, if I tried to say out loud that Twisted 
Metal 3 is a unique and innovative game, I would probably bust out laughing
in the middle of the sentence.  As you may already know, the Twisted Metal 
series is now in the hands of a new developer (989 Studios), and 
unfortunately 989 has done nothing but made the game worse than TM2 in 
almost every possible way.  
   First of all, how illogical is 989's new "Tru Physics" idea?  Why would 
you want realism in a vehicular combat game considering that events like 
those in TM3 don't happen very often in real life, and if they did, most of 
us would be dead by now?  Not only are the "Tru Physics" illogical, but 
they quickly become annoying when making a simple turn somehow causes your 
car to flip over and turn upside-down.  Hey, at least you don't have to 
rock your car back and forth to get back right-side-up like you do in Rally 
   One of the biggest problems with TM3 is its extremely bland combat 
environments.  Twisted Metal 2's environments were big, they were packed 
with secrets and places to hide, and they had a certain creative flair to 
them, but TM3's environments possess none of these qualities.  As a matter 
of fact, TM3's environments are small, boring, and lack that extra special 
something that makes you enjoy yourself.  Without the unique environments 
of TM2, Twisted Metal 3 gets repetitive very quickly.  You just don't get 
the classic TM2 feeling of blowing the crap out of your enemies and 
everything around them.  Also, the graphics are good, but not as good as 
the graphics in Rogue Trip and Vigilante 8.  Likewise, the music with Rob 
Zombie is good, but not as good as the music in Twisted Metal 2.
   This game has the words "Twisted Metal" on its box, and it features all 
of the famous Twisted Metal characters and weapons, but it just doesn't 
feel like Twisted Metal, although Rogue Trip does for some strange reason...

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