Marvel vs. Capcom Review

For PlayStation

By Contributing Writer Jimmy Payne

Rating: Good
   Marvel vs. Capcom is a great example of a dying breed: 2D fighting games.  
Even though it has plenty of flaws that prevent it from being an excellent 
game, it's still fun, and it will still keep you interested for at least a 
few days.
   Marvel vs. Capcom's graphics are impressive.  Not impressive in a Soul 
Calibur sort of way, but impressive nonetheless for a 2D fighting game.  
The colors almost never bleed into each other, and all the little details 
that Capcom added can be seen very easily.  I was also pleased to find that 
there's not a lot of slowdown, which is impressive considering how many 
sprite-based animations are running at all times in the game (something 
that the PlayStation has a hard time handling).
   Another thing that I really liked was not just the amount of characters 
that were included in the game, but the amount of personality each of them 
offers.  There are plenty of Capcom characters besides the Street Fighter 
characters, and there are plenty of Marvel characters besides the X-Men.  
Most of the characters trigger happy memories of either playing games or 
reading comic books.  It's a dream come true to be able to mix and match 
these characters in team-based gameplay.  The sheer amount of personality 
that Marvel vs. Capcom has to offer is more than enough reason to give it a 
   The gameplay can be summed up in one word: Fast.  People who haven't 
played many 2D fighting games might be overwhelmed when they first start 
playing this game.  All the moves seem to be executed twice as fast as they 
were in old games like Street Fighter 2.  The ability to have more than two 
characters on the screen at once makes it seem like you're not in control 
of the action at times.  A lot of the time, there's so much taking place on 
the screen that you don't know whether to think to yourself, "Wow, that's 
cool!" or "What the hell is going on?"
   As if the gameplay weren't already chaotic enough, you and your opponent 
have the ability to call upon another character and basically make 
everything go crazy, thus hurting your opponent severely.  These moves 
might have been awesome if it weren't for the fact that they cause way too 
much damage.  Sometimes there's no point in defending yourself because the 
minute your opponent hits that move, the match is over.  Needless to say, 
these moves really disrupt the balance of the game.
   Like most of Capcom's fighting games, Marvel vs. Capcom is far from 
innovative.  There's not a whole lot of difference between Marvel vs. 
Capcom and all of Capcom's previous "Vs." games, other than the wider 
selection of characters to choose from.  The standard gameplay formula that 
Capcom has been using for years is still fun for a while, but it's getting 
more than a little stale.
   This game's only disappointments are its lack of innovation and its 
unbalanced super moves.  If it weren't for these things, Marvel vs. Capcom 
could have been a must-have for fans of 2D fighting games.

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