Hot Shots Golf Review

For PlayStation

Rating: Average
   Despite its fast-paced and simple gameplay, Hot Shots Golf is no more 
fun than the PGA Tour series for the PlayStation.  While Hot Shots Golf's 
complete lack of loading time is a breath of fresh air, the game itself is 
not.  Rather than come up with an innovative new swinging interface, the 
designers simply copied the one in PGA Tour, which is an old interface that
needs to be dramatically revamped for golf games to be fun again.  Quite 
frankly, not much real skill is involved in pressing a button once, then 
pressing it again at just the right second for power, then pressing it 
again at just the right second for accuracy.  A small amount of skill might
be involved if the control were extremely good and responded the split 
second you pressed the button each time, but this is not the case in Hot 
Shots Golf.  There is a small, but noticeable period between the time you 
press the button and it registers on the screen, which leaves the player 
struggling to press the button right BEFORE the cursor gets to the target 
area.  That's not skill, that's guesswork.  And what motivation do I have 
to keep playing if I know deep down that whether I do good or bad has 
nothing to do with whether I'm playing good or bad?  Also, don't expect to 
see any real golfers in this game, only fictional (not to mention cutesy 
and big-headed) golfers.  And whose sheer stupidity is responsible for the 
fact that when you first start the game, you only have two characters and 
one course to choose from?  It's one thing to want to reward the player 
with new characters and courses to unlock, but it's another thing entirely 
to do it at the expense of the initially-playable game.  The music in the 
game is nothing special, and the sound effects are annoying (from the 
never-ending bird chirping to the exclamations of "Nice shot!" every time 
you hit a good tee shot).  Golf games are in need of a radical new swinging
interface that gives the gamer more control than ever before and involves 
real skill to play.  Things need to change in order for golf games to be 
fun again, and loading or no loading, Hot Shots Golf is still nothing more 
than another example of why things need to change.

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