Mega Man Legends Review

For PlayStation

Rating: Average
   After years of uninspired re-hash after uninspired re-hash, Capcom has 
finally gotten off their rich butts and changed some things in the Mega Man
series with the fully-polygonal Mega Man Legends.  Unfortunately, it 
appears as though the series has actually taken a turn for the worse.
   Previous Mega Man games, while almost completely lacking in innovation, 
still possessed that wonderful Mega Man "feel" that has been around since 
the days of Mega Man 2.  This feeling is nowhere to be found in Mega Man 
   The main reason for this is probably the added RPG elements the game has.
Instead of making the game deeper and more enjoyable, the RPG elements seem
very out of place and just get in the way of the shooting action (which is 
what Mega Man is all about).  The story line won't exactly keep you on the 
edge of your seat, either.
   The polygonal graphics also end up taking more away from the Mega Man 
series then they add to it.  Somebody should tell Capcom that just because 
you have polygonal environments instead of sprite-based environments 
doesn't mean you can forget about good level design and graphic detail.  
The environments in Mega Man Legends can only be described as bland, and 
the level designs are surprisingly poor. And, as expected, there are 
problems with the camera since you're in a 3D environment.  You have to 
adjust the camera yourself every time you change direction.  Besides being 
annoying, this also is very distracting when you're trying to shoot an 
enemy and you can't even see where the heck it is because of the stupid 
   And last, but not least, the sound also leaves a lot to be desired.  
Mega Man Legends' voice-overs are horrible (and not in a funny way like 
Resident Evil's voice-overs), and the music is just plain unexciting. Come
to think of it, the entire game is just plain unexciting.

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