Goldeneye 007 Review

For Nintendo 64

Rating: Awesome
 I never denied that Goldeneye 007 is a very good game, it's
just that at first I didn't think it was really "all that" 
and while I liked it well enough, I couldn't understand why 
everybody else was raving about saying it was the best first-
person shooter of all-time.  Well, now I understand.  The 
combination of stealth and brute force make for a strong 
single-player game, and the multiple difficulty levels with 
mission objectives that vary accordingily are a nice touch 
to ensure that the game will appeal to gamers of all skill 
levels.  But where the game really shines is in the 
completely customizable multi-player battles.  Two, three, 
or four players can duke (no pun intended) it out in one of
several different levels trying to find and kill each other
as many times as they can within a customizable time limit, 
or just seeing who can be the first to get 5 kills or 10 
kills or whatever you prefer.  The joy of sneaking up from 
behind and detonating a bomb right next to your opponent and
the hilarious agony of accidentally shooting the rocket 
launcher at the wall right next to you and klling yourself 
cannot be described in words.  Goldeneye is definitely 
recommended to all N64 owners.

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