Homeworld Review

For PC

By Contributing Writer Mike Bean

Rating: Awesome
   Homeworld is a real-time strategy game, but you can toss all of your
nasty pre-conceptions about the genre out the window.  While the basic 
formula of gathering resources and producing units is mostly the same, 
Homeworld is based in space, and everything in the game is COMPLETELY 
three-dimensional.  The result is a game that plays nothing like any real-
time strategy game ever released.
   Relic Entertainment has come up with a slick control interface that 
complements Homeworld's 3D nature.  The game is entirely mouse-driven, and 
though it may seem odd at first and take a while to get used to, it will 
feel like second nature before you know it.  Homeworld's camera system is 
also innovative.  It lets you choose any focal point you want on the map, 
and the camera intuitively revolves around that point.  By giving the 
player complete control of his or her own point of view, Relic has 
eliminated many possible camera problems.
   Homeworld's story is extensive and well-crafted.  The majority of the 
scenarios only add to it through the use mid-level and post-level cut 
scenes.  The graphics are outstanding thanks to excellent textures and 
colorful environments.  The free-floating nature of the camera makes the 
graphics even more impressive, and watching the conflict unfold around you 
brings out a very special feeling that most games could never give you.  
The sound is also incredible, with music that does a great job of conveying 
the vastness of space and the desperation of the task before you. I haven't 
heard a soundtrack this good in a long, long time.
   As great as it is, Homeworld doesn't last quite as long as it should. 
The single-player campaign consists of only 16 scenarios, and while there 
are two distinct groups in the game, there is only one story line.  Given 
the relatively small amount of single-player scenarios, a campaign from the 
opposing point of view would have been a very welcome touch.  As it is, 
picking the other group will give you the same campaign with different-
looking ships.
   Despite its relatively small number of scenarios, this is a great game 
that any fan of real-time strategy games should buy.  Homeworld's awesome 
graphics, magnificent soundtrack, and wonderfully original gameplay make it
one of the best games of the year.

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