International Superstar Soccer Pro '98 Review

For PlayStation

Rating: Crappy
   International Superstar Soccer is one of the most over-rated pieces of 
crap in the entire video game industry, and ISS Pro '98 is no exception.  
With all the hype over ISS being the ultimate soccer game, the actual 
product is much more annoying than it is entertaining.  The graphics lack 
detail, especially if you use the wide camera angle (which you have to if 
you want to see where your passes are going).  Defensive control is also a 
pain, with finicky auto-switching of defensivemen and players who waddle 
along slowly even when you're holding down the turbo button.  The 
commentator is annoying and sounds much more artificial than the FIFA games
of several years ago, the music sucks even worse, and the never-ending roar
of the crowd is very grating.  Even the analog control is screwed up, with 
weird glitches like players who keep running (often out of bounds) even 
after you're not moving the analog stick anymore.  If you don't like soccer,
this game definitely isn't going to change your mind, and even hardcore 
soccer fans will be disappointed to find that Konami was (once again) too 
cheap to shell out the cash for a license.  No real players, no World Cup, 
no nothing.  Even if you loved last year's ISS 64, you will be disappointed
by the new version because it is almost identical to last year's game.  
Stick with EA's World Cup '98.

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