Crazy Taxi Review

For Dreamcast

By Contributing Writer Jimmy Payne

Rating: Good
   Of all the games I've reviewed at Master Gamer, Crazy Taxi was probably 
the hardest game to rate.  It's one of the most fun and original games I've 
played in a long time, but it's just too short for me to give it an Awesome 
rating and recommend that you purchase it.
   The concept behind Crazy Taxi is unique and simple: You have to pick up 
passengers and take them to their requested destination.  How quickly and 
efficiently you get them to their destination determines how much money you 
get, so you have to use any means necessary to get where you need to go as 
quickly as possible.  Exceeding the speed limit is going to be the least of 
your traffic crimes.
   When you first start playing Crazy Taxi, you will probably be 
overwhelmed by the amount of things going on at the same time.  The amount 
of detail that has been put into this game is incredible.  Almost 
everything can be run into and smashed.  Some people run out of your way 
screaming, while others yell at you to pick them up.  The traffic isn't on 
a path that's set in stone; other cars actually try to swerve out of the 
way if they can.  Also, the cities themselves are huge.  Sometimes you can 
play for hours and think that you've covered everything, only to discover 
something that you've never found before.  
   Slowdown does occur from time to time in Crazy Taxi, but it's fairly
rare and not at all irritating.  If anything, it seems almost like a 
dramatic slowdown effect that actually adds to the experience of the game.  
I can imagine that some people might be bothered by the slowdown, but I'm
   Crazy Taxi's sound is a mixed bag.  Each passenger you pick up has 
different things to say, and your driver responds right back.  The music is 
also perfect for this sort of game.  Instead of featuring slow rock tunes 
like Gran Turismo 2, this game has really up-beat and fast songs from bands 
like Offspring.  The problem is that there aren't a whole lot of music 
tracks, so it can get a little annoying after you've been playing the game 
for a while.  Thankfully, there is an option that lets you turn off the 
   The number one reason that Crazy Taxi didn't quite get an Awesome rating 
is because it just doesn't offer enough to make you want to keep playing 
for more than two weekends or so.  After about two weekends, you'll 
probably have sucked as much fun from the game as it can stand.  Many 
customers seem to want to go to the exact same places every single time you 
pick them up.  When I showed the game to some of my friends and they got 
over the initial enjoyment of it, one of them asked, "So what else is 
there?"  The sad answer is, "Nothing."
   I initially thought that Crazy Taxi was a must-have game, but it gets 
old too quickly for my liking.  Still, it's a very fun game, and it won't 
disappoint if all you're looking for is a fun weekend rental.

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