Clock Tower Review

For PlayStation

Rating: Crappy
  This game tries to sell itself as the scariest game ever, using catch 
phrases like "Fear Is Fascinating."  Basically, Clock Tower tries to mix 
the fright factor of Resident Evil with the cheesy point and click gameplay
of... well, point and click games, and in the end, it fails miserably.  
First of all, before the real game even starts, you have to painfully sit 
through a boring and meaningless prologue with some weird-looking professor
dude.  Then you find yourself playing as a female character trapped in a 
building with a psycho with scissors trying to track you down and kill you. 
Sounds pretty scary, huh?  Well, the truth is that Clock Tower doesn't 
possess the tension nor the overall fear present in Resident Evil, mainly 
because you expect the Scissorman to attack at any given moment, and it's 
very clear he's about to appear right before he does.  And when he does 
appear, you're pretty much helpless and have to just stand there waiting 
for him to stab you, with your only hope being that the panic button works 
for once and you hide at the last second.  If this were Resident Evil, you 
would just grab a shotgun and blow the sucker's head off.  The game itself 
is cheesy point and click puzzle-based crap that will have you leaping for 
the power button.

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