Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Review

For PlayStation

Rating: Average
  Castlevania: Symphony of the Night retains the old-school 2D gameplay of 
Metroid and previous Castlevania titles, which some people love, and others
hate.  I fall somewhere in between these two extremes, leaning a little 
more to the hate side.  The biggest problem I have with this game is that 
it seems the designers at Konami couldn't decide whether they wanted to 
make it an all-out action game or an RPG, and they ended up created neither.
Instead, they have created an action game with an RPG-like story line and 
inventory/weapons system.  Die-hard Castlevania fans may put a curse on me 
for saying this, but I can't help but get the feeling while playing this 
game that it would have been much more fun if it were either a 
straightforward action game with occasional story line interruptions, or an
all-out traditional RPG with an even more in-depth story line and turn-
based RPG combat.  Also, I can respect Konami's decision to stick with the 
old 2D gameplay to keep the game true to its roots, but they could have at 
least updated the graphics for crying out loud. I'm sure there are some 
people who couldn't disagree with this review more, but I'm still going to 
stick with my opinion and give Symphony of the Night the Average rating
I believe it deserves.

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