Fighting Force Review

For PlayStation

Rating: Good
Fighting Force is basically a 3D version of the beat-em-up 
gameplay we've been seeing since the days of good old Double
Dragon for the NES.  You choose from one of four unique 
characters and battle through over 30 levels where the only
objective is to beat up  all the bad guys.  Fighting Force 
extends on the standard formula by making the environments 
completely interactive.  You could pick up a box and hurl it
at an enemy, or bash a soda machine and drink the Coke that 
comes out for a health boost.  Even more useful is knocking 
an enemy's weapon out of his hands and picking it up as your
own.  Weapons like knifes and guns are much more effective 
than just your fists, although guns run out of ammo and 
knives "expire" after time, so you have to be able to fight
with your fists as well.  The replay value is increased by 
the inclusion of four different characters, as well as 
several points in the game where you choose which level to 
play next. However, Fighting Force is not without its flaws.
The load times aren't particularly long, but they are very 
frequent and it adds up to a lot more loading time than there 
should be.  Also, the game has plenty of levels, but many of
them are too short for my liking.  I would have rather had 
15 big levels than 30 small ones.  But the biggest flaw of 
the game, the one that prevents it from being the must-have
title it could have been, is the overly repetitive gameplay.
Simply going around and beating up all the bad guys is 
awesome at first, but when that's all you're doing for the 
whole entire game, it gets old.  And unlike some of its 
forefathers such as Double Dragon, the gameplay in Fighting
Force just isn't good enough to make you want to keep doing
the same thing over and over again.  Fighting Force is a good
game that makes for one heck of a weekend rental, but you'll
probably regret it if you buy it.

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