1080 Degrees Snowboarding Review

For Nintendo 64

Rating: Average
   1080 (Ten-Eighty) Degrees Snowboarding had potential to
be a great racing game, but instead it is nothing more than
a disappointment. First of all, the game isn't going to win 
any awards for originality. The tricks are a poor imitation 
of the PlayStation's Cool Boarders series, and the racing 
itself is basically WaveRace on snow. The result is a game
that can't decide whether it's a rip-off of Cool Boarders or
of WaveRace. What really kills this game are some major
gameplay flaws. Hitting the landing on tricks is often
frustrating, and when you fall on your butt it seems to be
based more on the pre-programmed skills of your boarder 
than it is on whether you really messed up or not.  The 
racing itself is also frustrating. The gameplay is very 
unbalanced in that one tiny mistake could (and usually does)
turn a record-setting time into a last-place disaster.  
That's not challenging gameplay, that's poor design. The 
graphics are very solid, but they are nothing that will
make you drop your jaw in amazement.  The hip-hop music, 
much like the rest of the game, tries hard to be "cool," 
but ends up being obnoxious and annoying.  I definitely
don't recommend buying 1080 Degrees Snowboarding, and even
those just looking for a fun weekend rental and nothing more
would be much better off renting Gran Turismo.
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