Crash Bandicoot 2 Review

For PlayStation

Rating: Awesome
  Simply put, Crash Bandicoot 2 is one of the greatest action/platform 
games of all time.  Crash 2 is more story-line-intensive than the original,
with Neo Cortex himself appearing and talking to Crash in holograms at 
various points in the game.  This time, instead of just going from pre-
determined level to pre-determined level on a linear map, the game consists
of a series of "warp rooms."  Each warp rooms includes five levels that can
be played in any order you want, plus a save area so you can save your game 
at any time (thank you!), plus a boss to do battle with once you've beaten 
all five of that warp room's levels.  When you beat the boss, you've beaten
that "warp room," or "world," as standard action/platform terminology would
call it, and it's on to the next one.  There are five warp rooms in all, 
plus a hidden one with two top-secret, super-hard levels, so do the math 
and Crash 2 features 27 levels and five bosses. This makes for a very 
lengthy game considering that each of the levels is absolutely huge 
compared to the original game's, plus the fact that breaking all the boxes 
and getting all the crystals as a side quest is now even harder than it
originally was.  
  As with any classic game, Crash 2 does a brilliant job of easing you into
the gameplay at the beginning and "teaching" you how to play, slowly easing
you into what eventually becomes extremely challenging gameplay that will 
sweat the palms of even the biggest action/platform junkie.  The gameplay
itself has much more variety than the original and will keep you interested
for a lot longer.  
  Crash has several new moves, like the slide, belly flop, and high jump 
(all of which are very easy to do on the PlayStation controller), and the 
best thing about these new moves is that you actually have to think about 
which move to do to which enemy, since some enemies have spikes on their 
backs,or spinning blades around their waist, and so on.  Each enemy has to 
be approached differently rather than just frantically spinning through the 
levels. The levels also feature a much greater variety from level to level,
including lots of snow and ice levels as opposed to none in the original, 
along with some sweet water-skiing levels, too. Plus, the variety within 
each individual level is much greater, with one section of a level 
consisting of forward-scrolling action, and then maybe it switches to a 
side-scroller for a little while, for example.  
   The game also has tons of little things that are really cool, like the 
shocked look on Crash's face whenever Cortex appears, and the cool little 
secrets such as belly-flopping a baby polar bear in one of the warp rooms 
several times and getting ten free lives (although, for the balance of the 
game, this trick only works once).  And it is simply hilarious that Crash 
shakes his butt and does a crotch chop Shawn Michaels-style after beating a
boss or getting a gem.  Speaking of the bosses, they are really cool and 
truly make you think about what you're doing with their intricate pattern-
based attacks and deadly weaponry.  Crash 2 is also even more of a 
graphical feast than the original was, and while the music isn't as 
initially appealing as Crash 1's opening tune was, Crash 2's music is still
very cool.  
   What I'm trying to say here is that Crash 2 is an absolutely awesome 
game.  Not only does it eat all its action/platform competition like Croc 
for breakfast, but it is near the top of the list of hottest games of the
past year.  A definite must-have.

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