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Master Gamer is no longer updated with new content, but it continues to receive many visitors every day because of its vast library of archived content. You can browse through the site using the navigational bar at the top of this page. The way everything is set up now, mirrors the main page of Ivan's Blog at all times, but all of the old Master Gamer URLs still work, and Master Gamer's main page is now located at There are many other things that I enjoy writing about in addition to video games, and I wanted to do something that would give me the creative freedom to write about anything I please. It was out of this mindset that my new site, Ivan's Blog, was born. This new weblog, located at, will let you read whatever it is that comes flowing out of my brain, thanks to a handy-dandy USB port that I recently had installed in the base of my skull (just kidding). Topics will include video games, mixed martial arts, pro wrestling, television, politics, sports, and whatever else the USB port is able to process. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the contributors who worked so hard to make Master Gamer a success after it went from being a print newsletter to a web site in December of 1997. In random order: Jimmy Payne, Rob Pecknold, Nate Pacyga, Chris Charla, Mike Bean, and Chris George. I would also like to thank all of the readers who stuck by this web site through good times and bad. Thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoy Ivan's Blog.

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